Rodney Davis Statement on IL-13 Candidate Debates

August 26th, 2020

Davis commits to participating in 3 in-person debates in Bloomington-Normal, Springfield, and Champaign-Urbana 

Taylorville, IL — Congressman Rodney Davis issued the following statement regarding IL-13 candidate debates with Betsy Londrigan:

“I’ve always said if we expect frontline workers to go to work every day in this pandemic, elected officials should do the same. The people of central Illinois need to know their member of Congress will physically show up and do their job, whether that’s voting in Congress or on the campaign trail. That’s what I’ve done in Congress, and that’s why I’m committed to participating in 3 in-person IL-13 candidate debates in Bloomington-Normal, Springfield, and Champaign-Urbana. 

“In-person debates offer the best means for a genuine and substantive back-and-forth discussion of the issues, and I am confident they can be held safely and responsibly, even in this pandemic. Debates held virtually do not offer the same level of quality discussion as in-person debates. I would hope Betsy Londrigan agrees with me on this, and I look forward to seeing her on the campaign trail this fall. The voters deserve nothing less.”

The Davis campaign has agreed to participate in two in-person debates in Bloomington-Normal and Springfield, pending final details from local media hosts and participation from Betsy Londrigan. The Davis campaign has also offered to participate in an in-person debate in Champaign-Urbana.

Davis campaign spokesperson Aaron DeGroot issued the following statement regarding IL-13 debates:

“We are calling on Betsy Londrigan to commit to safe, in-person debates like Rodney has. Will Londrigan show up, or will she try to phone it in like Nancy Pelosi has allowed so many Democrats to do in Congress? A debate held virtually will allow any candidate to be surrounded by staffers and talking points, and that’s unacceptable. Voters deserve an unfiltered view of a candidate’s command of the issues and how they react on their feet. Only in-person debates can offer that.”