Rodney Davis Launches First Television Ad of Election Cycle

August 14th, 2018


Rodney Davis Launches First Television Ad of Election Cycle

Taylorville, IL- Tomorrow, Rodney Davis will launch his first television ad of the election cycle. The ad, titled “Tammie,” features constituent and Springfield resident Tammie Rockford explaining her and her late husband, Steve Rockford, relationship with Rodney Davis as well as his work to increase funding for ALS research. The ad also makes note of Davis’ commitment to constituent service.

“I am proud to support Rodney Davis for reelection. The time and effort Rodney has spent caring about Steve, myself, and our family is incredible. Rodney Davis is the real deal and I look forward to continue working with him to ensure that the federal government continues to assist in research and finding cures for horrible diseases such as ALS.” – said Tammie Rockford.

See the ad here.

The script:

“My husband Steve was diagnosed with ALS back in 2012.

We met Rodney Davis at an ALS Advocacy Day in D.C. From that day forward, anytime Rodney would come to town, he would check on Steve and see how he’s doing.

Steve just passed away last July.

Rodney Davis saw the need for increase funding for ALS research. He followed through. He made it happen. Rodney Davis is the real deal. I mean he genuinely cares.

I’m Rodney Davis and I approve this message.”


Davis helped secure the largest increase to the National Institute of Health (NIH) in nearly 15 years. Funding to find a cure for ALS received a significant increase because of this bill.

He’s fighting to improve the quality of life for many ALS patients by working to eliminate Medicare caps for speech generating devices. Davis was an early supporter of the Steve Gleason Enduring Voices Act (H.R. 2465), which would remove these impediments for many battling ALS and allow them access to these devices.

Terminally ill patients now have the right to try because of legislation supported by Davis. The Right to Try Act (S.204) was signed into law in May to allow terminally ill patients access to experimental drugs.