REMINDER: Carpet-Bagging Politician Mary Miller Couldn’t Legally Sign Her Own Petition Because She Doesn’t Live in IL-15

Miller is a carpetbagger running for Congress in a district she doesn’t live in

Taylorville, IL — Mary Miller wasn’t able to legally sign her own candidate petitions because she doesn’t live in the district she’s running in.

“Mary Miller is a carpetbagger abandoning her hometown and neighbors to run for Congress in a district she doesn’t live in. Miller tries to waive off this fact, but the reality is it’s something voters care about. Voters want to know their member of Congress shares their concerns.  If Miller doesn’t care about her neighbors, why would she care about you? It’s abundantly clear that Miller doesn’t care what voters in the 15th District think or want from their member of Congress. They certainly don’t want Congress to vote to defund our military, which is what Miller and the far-left members of the Squad voted to do twice. Voters in this election will know how out-of-touch Mary Miller is.” – Davis campaign spokesperson Aaron DeGroot

To sign a candidate petition in a certain jurisdiction, an individual must be a registered voter in the jurisdiction of the candidate petition they’re signing.

Miller resides in the 12th District, but is running for Congress in the 15th District against Rodney Davis, who was the only incumbent member of Congress to reside in the 15th District following the redistricting process.


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