Politician Mary Miller is MISSING IN ACTION

For the second week in a row, Miller is SKIPPING votes in the House

Taylorville, IL — The U.S. House of Representatives is in session again this week, and Mary Miller skipped votes once again. Miller also skipped votes last week, including a vote to provide police protection to Supreme Court Justices after an assassination attempt on Justice Kavanaugh.

“Mary Miller is MIA. She knows her campaign is in trouble, so she’s skipping session and votes to stay back in Illinois and campaign. For someone who wants to keep her job in Congress, Miller sure doesn’t like showing up to her job in Congress. It’s clear where Mary Miller’s priorities are – her own political career, not the needs of her constituents. Voters in the 15th District deserve better.” – Aaron DeGroot, Davis campaign spokesperson

A search of the roll calls of recent votes from last week and this week on the House Clerk’s website shows that Miller is listed as “Not Voting.” If Mary Miller won’t even show up and do the job she was elected to do, vote on legislation, it makes one wonder, does she even want to be in Congress?


Mary Miller SKIPS House Vote to Provide Police Protection to Supreme Court Justices In Wake of Assassination Attempt on Justice Kavanaugh