Join Rodney in Standing Up For Our Veterans

The Department of Defense must act immediately to waive the debt of thousands of U.S. veterans who are being forced to repay reenlistment bonuses that were given to them years ago.

President Obama must also sign the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) – which would prevent this kind of mismanagement in the future, while ensuring our troops have the funding they need.

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Why Did Obama Pay Iran A $400 Million Ransom?

Stand with Rodney in demanding answers from the White House for secretly airlifting $400 million in cash to Iran as a ransom payment for the release of four innocent American hostages!

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Sign the Petition to Stop Hillary Clinton and Prevent a Democrat Takeover of Congress!

Hillary wants to continue the failed policies of Obama – but we can’t afford another dangerous progressive in the White House. And we certainly can’t afford for Democrats to take back control of Congress.

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Help Students Afford School Now!

Across America, student loan debt totals over $1 trillion. That’s why I introduced legislation to make it easier for employers to help graduates repay their student loans.

Sign your name if you agree that students shouldn’t be forced to choose between an education and crushing debt!

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Stand with Rodney Against President Obama’s Intrusion into our School Bathrooms

President Obama’s vast executive overreach is once again hurting our community. This time, Obama’s bureaucrats are threatening to withhold federal funding for schools not complying with his transgender policy for restrooms and locker rooms.

Add your name if you agree with Rodney Davis that states, and especially local school districts, should be making decisions about the safety of our students.

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Stop Obama From Risking American Lives!

President Obama is more interested in releasing dangerous terrorists from Guantanamo Bay onto American soil than he is in defeating the Islamic State.

Obama just missed a congressionally mandated deadline to submit a strategy for how to defeat ISIS – leaving American troops in the lurch. Apparently, releasing terrorists is more important than coming up with a plan to defeat radical Islam.

Sign the petition to demand President Obama to stop risking American lives.

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