News Reports: Mary Miller’s Relationship With Child Sex Predator Questioned

Miller has ignored questions from the media regarding her campaign worker’s previous conviction for soliciting sex from a child on the internet

Taylorville, IL — Mary Miller has made family values and policies related to children a major theme of her work in Congress. But on her campaign, Miller has a campaign worker who was previously convicted for luring a child for sex, according to news reports.


KSDK: Miller campaign volunteer was convicted for luring young boy for sex

The conservative firebrand quickly made a name for herself in Congress purporting to protect children from ideas she considers offensive

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“If you signed a petition to help put U.S. Rep. Mary Miller (R-Illinois) on this June’s primary ballot, there’s a chance that a man convicted of luring a child for sex was the one who asked you to sign those campaign documents.

“Congresswoman Mary Miller is facing new questions about her relationship with Brad Graven, a former state worker who pleaded guilty to luring a young boy to a drugstore parking lot for sex acts in 2005. 

“Photos, videos, and state election records show Graven was actively involved in helping the effort to re-elect Miller. Reached by phone, Graven claimed he was merely an unpaid volunteer for the Miller campaign. His name does not show up on the campaign payroll, but Graven enjoyed virtually unlimited access to Miller, served as her personal chauffeur at public events and raised money for her campaign. Miller trusted Graven with her family vehicle, which is adorned with campaign stickers and legislative license plates.”

“Miller’s campaign manager Patrick Farrell answered a phone call on Tuesday morning and briefly discussed the story before hanging up and promising to respond with an explanation. The campaign never responded.”

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Washington Examiner: GOP House member draws fire over child sex predator’s reelection campaign role

“Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL) has allowed a man convicted of soliciting sex with a minor to assist with her reelection campaign, the Washington Examiner has learned.

“The revelation is at odds with Miller’s family values platform and threatens to complicate her GOP primary bid against a House colleague, Rodney Davis, in a newly created downstate Illinois district.

“…Since taking office after her 2020 election, Miller has been vocal on policies relating to minors. She has frequently taken to social media and issued press releases criticizing allowing minors to use puberty blockers, hormone therapies, and sex-change surgeries before reaching adulthood.”

“…Miller’s campaign did not respond to multiple requests for comment.”

“…Additionally, campaign finance reports show Miller’s husband, state Rep. Chris Miller, donated $5,000 to former Illinois State House candidate Tom McCullagh, who dropped out of his race following accusations of grooming an underage person. McCullagh has publicly denied the accusations.”


Capitol Fax: US Rep. Miller’s relationship with pedo questioned