Mary Miller’s Closing Message: “I’m Not A Racist”

Taylorville, IL — During one of those incredibly rare times Mary Miller gives an interview, she has honed in on her closing message to voters just one day before the Primary Election: “I’m not a racist.”

This morning during an interview on WMAY, Miller was asked to say what she would tell an individual who may have heard her “white life” comments and thought they were racist. Miller’s response was in part, “I’m not a racist.”

You can watch and listen to her response by clicking here. You can watch the full interview here.

Miller caused a media firestorm yesterday after she called the Supreme Court abortion decision a “victory for white life” during a rally in Adams County. Miller claims she misspoke, but she has a history of espousing extreme rhetoric. Just two days after taking the oath of office, Miller praised Adolf Hitler in a prepared speech in front of the U.S. Capitol Building, saying Hitler’s views on indoctrinating youth should be emulated.