Mary Miller Touts Endorsement From Group Opposed to the Farm Bill While Her Family Has Raked in Over $1 Million in Government Subsidies from Farm Bill Programs

Davis personally negotiated the previous two Farm Bills and has been endorsed by Illinois Farm Bureau

Taylorville, IL — Carpet-bagging politician Mary Miller is touting the endorsement from a Washington, DC, group opposed to the Farm Bill, even as her family businesses have raked in over $1 million in government subsidies from Farm Bill programs over the years. The Club for Growth is the most prominent advocate for defeating the Farm Bill, calling it in 2018 “…nothing less than socialism with a  Republican seal of approval on it.” Why would Mary Miller tout an endorsement from a group so hostile to her own constituents? Does Mary Miller agree that the Farm Bill is nothing less than Socialism?

“Like a true politician, Mary Miller has mastered the art of saying one thing and doing another. She has personally profited off Farm Bill programs to the tune of $1 million even as she touts the endorsement of a group who opposes the Farm Bill. By bragging about receiving the endorsement of Club for Growth, Miller is telling Illinois farmers that she wants to go back to Washington and work with a group who is actively opposed to the interests of the Illinois agriculture community. Miller should be ashamed for aligning herself with a group so outwardly hostile to our way of life. She should renounce her endorsement from Club and publicly reject any financial support they may be willing to offer.” – Davis campaign spokesperson Aaron DeGroot

Club for Growth, a DC based dark money organization, has been one of the leading opponents of the Farm Bill, federal legislation with vital programs that support the American farmer, agribusiness, and rural America as a whole. Club for Growth opposed the Farm Bill in 2018 and 2014 and is expected to oppose it again next year.

Club for Growth also runs a DC-based Super PAC that will be one of Miller’s biggest backers in her campaign for Congress. Miller said she was “honored” to be endorsed by Club for Growth. They are opposing Rodney in part because of his support for legislation like the Farm Bill, which delivers for Illinois Farmers.

Meanwhile, Mary Miller’s family business has received over $1 million in government subsidies from Farm Bill programs over the years. Mary Miller and her husband Chris are officers and co-owners of Miller Bros Farms, which is incorporated in the state of Delaware, a domestic tax shelter.

Chris Miller, has received $942,419 in USDA subsidies. Mary’s businesses Miller Bros. Farms, Inc. and Miller Bros Inc, have received $104,742 and $34,871 in USDA subsidies, respectively.

Rodney Davis is a strong supporter of the Farm Bill and the benefits it provides to Illinois farmers. As a member of the House Ag Committee, Rodney served as a Farm Bill conferee in 2013 and 2018, negotiating a successful Farm Bill and improving its programs twice. Rodney regularly meets and talks with Illinois farmers and members of the Illinois Farm Bureau and advocates for their concerns in Congress. He knows how vital Farm Bill programs are to farmers in Illinois and across the country. He is a proud recipient of the Illinois Farm Bureau ACTIVATOR endorsement for the 2022 Primary election.