Mary Miller Blames Her Former Accountant For Shoddy Campaign Record-Keeping

The Miller campaign double-counted campaign contributions and took prohibited contributions, artificially inflating their cash-on-hand numbers

Taylorville, IL — In a response sent to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Mary Miller’s campaign blamed their double-counting of campaign contributions and depositing of prohibited campaign contributions on an accountant who no longer works for her campaign.

“Mary Miller is a carpetbagger running for Congress in a district she doesn’t live in, so she’s attempting to inflate support for her campaign, but voters won’t be fooled by her tactics. They know she’s an ineffective, incompetent, and extreme politician who quoted Hitler and voted with the Squad to defund our military. What else are we going to learn about Mary Miller’s finances?” – Davis campaign spokesperson Aaron DeGroot

In a February 6, 2022, letter, the FEC dinged Mary Miller’s campaign for artificially inflating her Q4 2021 fundraising numbers by double-counting campaign contributions and taking prohibited contributions in excess of federal campaign contribution limits. The FEC asked Miller to respond to their letter by Monday, March 14, 2022.

In their response to the FEC, which was sent yesterday, Miller’s campaign blamed their former accountant for the errors and admitted they knowingly filed an incomplete report at the time, stating:

“In November 2021 RTA Strategy took over Treasury services and the Committee named Jason D Boles its Treasurer. Through December and early January RTA and Boles worked with filed data, bank records and data from the previous Treasurer with the intent of reconciling and reporting accurately. The 2021 Year End Report was filed with best efforts as data was still being reconciled.”

This was not the first time the FEC has dinged Miller. She previously had to file an amendment to her Q3 2021 fundraising report after reporting unlawful campaign contributions in that quarter as well.

What else are we going to learn about Mary Miller’s finances?


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FEC Dings Mary Miller for Double-Counted and Prohibited Campaign Contributions