Betsy Londrigan Raises Campaign Cash for Mike Madigan as He’s Implicated in a $1.3 Million Bribery Scheme

July 21st, 2020

Londrigan’s close political ties to Madigan include a joint fundraising committee, campaign coordination with Madigan and years of mutual support

Taylorville, IL – Last week, longtime House Speaker Mike Madigan was implicated in a $1.3 million bribery scheme involving ComEd. Since then, Betsy Londrigan has yet to speak out against Madigan’s corruption or chairmanship of the Democratic Party of Illinois, even as Democrats start to break with the speaker. Londrigan’s campaign continues to maintain it’s close ties to Madigan’s political machine as well.

“Betsy Londrigan has been working for and with corrupt Chicago Democrats like Mike Madigan for years. That’s why it’s no surprise Londrigan refuses to stand up to Madigan’s corruption, even as Democrats across Illinois start to turn on him. As the Feds close in on Madigan now, Londrigan continues to raise campaign cash for him and work hand-in-hand with his political machine. Londrigan is enabling Madigan’s corruption.” – Aaron DeGroot, Davis campaign spokesperson

Londrigan is raising campaign cash for Madigan

Betsy Londrigan and Mike Madigan operate a joint fundraising PAC, which is still in operation today, even after the latest corruption allegations against Madigan. So far this year, the Londrigan has contributed over $34,000 to Madigan through their joint PAC:

In the 2018 election cycle, the Londrigan-Madigan joint fundraising PAC contributed over $91,000 to Madigan.

Londrigan’s campaign is working hand-in-hand with Madigan’s political machine

In 2018, Madigan spent over $293,000 on behalf of Londrigan’s campaign for Congress. Londrigan’s campaign will rely on significant support from Madigan again this year.

Londrigan is no stranger to corruption

Londrigan used to be a fundraiser for former Senate President John Cullerton, through his now-defunct campaign committee, Illinois Democratic Victory PAC. Cullerton used the PAC Londrigan once raised money for to pay nearly $100,000 for the criminal legal defense of former State Sen. Martin Sandoval and State Sen. Tom Cullerton, both of whom face corruption charges.

Londrigan also contributed to disgraced former governor Rod Blagojevich’s re-election campaign, even as the public knew of ongoing investigations into his associates and administration.