Betsy Londrigan Forms Joint Fundraising PAC with Mike Madigan

July 14th, 2020

Londrigan and Madigan team up to raise campaign contributions for each other, while Londrigan remains silent on Madigan’s corruption

Taylorville, IL — Public records reveal that Democrat Betsy Londrigan formed a Joint Fundraising PAC with the Democratic Party of Illinois, whose longtime chairman is House Speaker Mike Madigan. Madigan uses his position as state party chairman to funnel campaign contributions to his chosen candidates and maintain his grip on power. Londrigan has remained silent on Madigan’s corruption for years, even as she benefits from his political machine.

“Londrigan benefits from Madigan’s political machine, yet remains silent on his corruption and failed leadership. She can’t have it both ways. It’s time for Londrigan to finally come clean about her close ties to Madigan and tell voters where she stands on Madigan’s disastrous agenda.” Aaron DeGroot, Davis campaign spokesperson

Londrigan continues to remain silent on Madigan’s tax-and-spend agenda and longtime control over State government

Madigan has controlled the Illinois House for all but two years since the early 1970s. He has been called “the man behind the fiscal fiasco in Illinois.” Madigan has voted to raise income taxes multiple times, supported unbalanced budgets and disastrous pension holidays, and continues to push job-killing policies. Londrigan hasn’t said a word on Madigan’s failed leadership.

Londrigan is working hand-in-hand with Madigan’s political machine

In 2018, the Madigan-controlled Democratic Party of Illinois spent over $293,000 on behalf of Londrigan’s campaign for Congress. Also in 2018, the Londrigan-Madigan Joint Fundraising PAC contributed over $91,000 to the Madigan-controlled Democratic Party of Illinois and $5,400 to Londrigan’s campaign committee. Londrigan’s campaign will rely on significant support from Madigan again this year.

A corrupt Madigan associate and powerful lobbyist is funding Londrigan’s campaign

Madigan’s right-hand man, Mike McClain, has been involved in several scandals, including his knowledge of an unreported rape in Champaign. News reports reveal that McClain “lauded a state worker who ‘kept his mouth shut’ about an unspecified ‘rape in Champaign…’” McClain has made two financial contributions to Londrigan’s campaign for Congress.