FEC Dings Mary Miller for Double-Counted and Prohibited Campaign Contributions

Carpetbagger Mary Miller is fabricating support for her campaign because she’s running in a district she doesn’t live in

Taylorville, IL — The Federal Election Commission (FEC) is dinging Mary Miller’s campaign for artificially inflating her already-dismal Q4 2021 fundraising numbers by double-counting campaign contributions and taking prohibited contributions in excess of federal campaign contribution limits.

“This isn’t just shoddy record-keeping. Mary Miller is attempting to hide her dismal fundraising numbers because she’s a carpetbagger who is running for Congress in a district she doesn’t live in. Miller has to fabricate fundraising numbers to give the illusion of support. What else is Mary Miller lying about?” – Aaron DeGroot, Davis campaign spokesperson

Mary Miller reported a dismal $165,000 in campaign contributions and $177,000 in expenditures for Q4 2021, but that doesn’t tell the whole story.

It appears that Miller is double-counting around $30,000 in contributions that she received in Q3 2021 for Q4 2021 as well. She reported roughly $15,000 in contributions from the Freshmen Agriculture Republican Members (FARM) Trust on 9/30/2021 in her Q3 2021 report, but then reported those contributions again three days later on 10/2/2021 in her Q4 2021 report, totaling over $30,000. Some of the FARM Trust contributions are even dated as being received in June 2021, which is in Q2 2021.

The double-counted contributions:

Additionally, the FEC cited Miller as taking unlawful contributions above contribution limits, totaling $14,000:

That would mean that Miller has less than $400,000 cash-on-hand, as of the end of Q4 2021.

This is not the first time the FEC has dinged Miller. She most recently had to file an amendment to her Q3 2021 fundraising report after reporting unlawful campaign contributions in that quarter as well.

What else is Mary Miller lying about?