DC-Based Dark Money Group Spends $200k to Fly In Out-of-State, Astroturf Canvassers to Prop Up Mary Miller’s Failing Campaign

Rodney Davis has a homegrown campaign with countless local endorsements and many volunteers on pace to make over 100,000 door-to-door voter contacts

Taylorville, IL — Conservative Outsider PAC, a DC-based dark money group funded exclusively by the anti-farmer, anti-Trump Club for Growth, is spending $200,000 to fly-in out-of-state, paid canvassers to go door-to-door in a last-minute attempt to prop up Mary Miller’s failing campaign.

“Mary Miller’s fledgling campaign is failing. When you have a candidate that quotes Hitler, votes with the Squad to defund the military, encourages illegal immigration, and has a convicted pedophile serving as her personal driver, it should be no surprise that potential volunteers don’t want to be associated with that. That’s why a DC-based dark money group is spending big bucks to fly in astroturf canvassers at the last-minute to prop up her campaign, and that’s why Republicans will reject Miller on June 28th.” – Aaron DeGroot, Davis campaign spokesperson

Mary Miller’s nonexistent campaign is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the DC-based dark money group Club for Growth. To date, Club’s dark money organizations have spent approximately $4 million on TV and radio ads, along with over $300,000 on mail and digital ads. Now they’re spending an additional $200,000 on out-of-state canvassers as well.

That contrasts with Rodney Davis’ homegrown campaign, which has a local presence, countless endorsements from local Republican leaders, and many volunteers on pace to make over 100,000 door-to-door voter contacts by Election Day next week.