Davis Statement on President Trump’s Planned Rally in Adams County

Taylorville, IL — Rodney Davis, Republican candidate for Congress in the 15th District, released the following statement after President Donald Trump announced a campaign rally to be held in Adams County on Saturday, June 25:

“I’m proud of my conservative record of working with Trump when he was in office, and I won’t shy away from it. I’m focused on winning this campaign, firing Nancy Pelosi, and re-implementing the many policy successes we had when Trump was president, like building the wall, cutting taxes, and making America energy independent again.

“As the future Chairman of House Administration, I will also be focused on investigating the security failures leading up to January 6, finding out if Speaker Pelosi had a role in those failures, and holding her sham Select Committee circus accountable.

“I would hope President Trump and Republican voters are aware of the baggage Mary Miller has, including a convicted pedophile serving as her personal driver, her rhetoric encouraging illegal immigration, her vote with the Socialist Squad to defund the military, and her close ties to an anti-Trump Super PAC. Time and again, Mary Miller has put America last in Congress.”