Davis Campaign Releases New Ad: Madigan Machine

September 9th, 2020

Betsy Londrigan continues to work hand-in-hand with Mike Madigan’s corrupt political machine even after his implication in a nine-year-long bribery scheme

Taylorville, IL — Today, Rodney Davis’ campaign for Congress released a new ad titled “Madigan Machine,” which highlights Betsy Londrigan’s close ties to Speaker Mike Madigan’s corrupt political machine. The ad will be running on TV stations across IL-13 as well as online and digital platforms.

You can watch the ad here or by clicking the image below.

Londrigan raises campaign cash for Madigan

Even after Madigan’s implication in a bribery scheme, Londrigan continues to raise campaign cash for Madigan through their joint fundraising committee. So far this year, the Londrigan has contributed over $34,000 to Madigan through their joint committee, bringing Londrigan’s total contributions to Madigan to $125,000.

Londrigan’s campaign has received major financial support from Madigan

In 2018, Madigan spent over $293,000 on behalf of Londrigan’s campaign for Congress. Londrigan’s campaign will rely on significant support from Madigan again this year.

Lobbyists in Madigan’s “inner circle” are funding Londrigan’s campaign

A group of corporate lobbyists associated with Madigan who have lobbied for ComEd at varying times have contributed a combined $9,350 to Londrigan’s campaign this election cycle. The Chicago Tribune referred to those lobbyists as members of Madigan’s “inner circle.”

Londrigan refuses to call on Madigan to resign

Many Democrats have called on Madigan to resign immediately as Speaker and Democratic Party of Illinois (DPI) Chairman, but not Betsy Londrigan. She was recently asked if Madigan should resign as DPI chair. Londrigan gave a vague non-answer where she refused to say Madigan’s name and called on “any elected official who has found to have been involved in this scheme” to step aside.


Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan is facing intense scrutiny after being subpoenaed in connection with a bribery investigation.

Mike Madigan is the most corrupt politician in Illinois…

…and Betsy Londrigan is part of Madigan’s Machine.

Londrigan raises money for Madigan and his corrupt machine….

…while her campaign is bankrolled by Madigan and his henchmen.

Now Londrigan is refusing to call for Madigan’s resignation. 

Betsy Londrigan would make Washington more corrupt.