Davis Campaign Releases New Ad: Lying Londrigan

October 1st, 2020

Ad highlights Betsy Londrigan’s lies about receiving campaign cash from Madigan and corporate lobbyists, including Big Pharma lobbyists

Taylorville, IL — Today, Rodney Davis’ campaign for Congress released a new ad titled “Lying Londrigan,” which highlights Betsy Londrigan’s lies to voters concerning financial support her campaign has received from the Mike Madigan-chaired Democratic Party of Illinois and corporate lobbyists and special interests.

You can watch the ad here or by clicking the image below.

Londrigan is lying about campaign cash she’s received from Madigan. In an interview with Illinois Newsroom, Londrigan stated, “I have not taken any money from Speaker Madigan, not from him, not from any of his committees, not from his leadership PACs,” but public records say otherwise.

Londrigan’s campaign has received over $293,000 from one committee controlled by Madigan – the Democratic Party of Illinois (DPI), which Madigan has chaired for decades. Londrigan’s campaign will rely on significant support from Madigan again this year.

Londrigan is also lying about campaign cash she’s received from lobbyists and corporate special interests, including Big Pharma lobbyists. In her first TV ad of the General Election season, Londrigan says “I don’t take” campaign contributions from “corporate special interests,” but news reports reveal that’s not true.

From WCIA’s story, “Despite corporate PAC pledge, Dirksen Londrigan takes campaign cash from corporate lobbyists”:

… While Dirksen Londrigan’s camp prefers to highlight the size of her campaign account to show the strength of her support, the donors themselves, many of them corporate lobbyists, lawyers and consultants for high-powered, well-connected firms, dilute the authenticity of her populist pledge to refuse any funding from corporate political action committees, or PACs.

… Since launching her bid for Congress, Dirksen Londrigan has accepted at least $82,930 in campaign contributions from corporate lobbyists, including some who have represented pharmaceutical companies, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, gambling companies, red light camera companies, suburban municipal governments, telecommunications giant AT&T and utility company ComEd.

She’s taken far more from corporate executives, many of whom are also regular donors to Democratic causes.

The donations from ComEd and AT&T lobbyists in particular came under scrutiny after ComEd agreed to pay a $200 million fine to avoid federal bribery charges last Friday, and federal agents delivered a subpoena to Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan’s office searching for documents related to AT&T and its lobbying practices.

…While she may not take campaign cash directly from pharmaceutical companies or their political action committees, their lobbyists helped organize and host two recent fundraisers for her campaign.  

Corporate lobbyist Amy Souders, who lobbies for pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, hosted a December fundraiser for Dirksen Londrigan, and solicited contributions for her campaign through the online Democratic fundraising conduit ‘Act Blue.’

Platinum Advisors DC, a corporate lobbying firm with clients like pharmaceutical company Allergan, AT&T, and pharmacy benefit manager CVS Caremark, hosted a Washington, D.C., fundraiser for Dirksen Londrigan in June. Campaign finance reports show that one of the event hosts, Mona Mohib, works for McGuire Woods Consulting, LLC, a corporate lobbying firm founded by Dirsken Londrigan’s husband, Tom Londrigan.

…Dirksen Londrigan reported $284,278 in household income so far this year, all of it coming from her husband’s salary at his corporate lobbying firm. It represents pharmaceutical clients like Horizon Pharma, which raised the price on an arthritis drug 11 times in seven years, reaching a price point of $2,979 for a 60-pill bottle.

Another one of his pharmaceutical clients, Kaleo, was flagged in a recent Senate subcommittee report on the increasing prices of opioid overdose reversal drugs. The report found Kaleo contracted with pharmacy benefit managers to hike its prices from $575 per unit up to $4,100 — a spike of more than 600%.

Londrigan’s campaign declined to comment on how she would handle any real or perceived conflicts of interest that could arise in Congress if she is ever in a position to vote on matters that pertain to her husband’s lobbying portfolio.

Betsy Londrigan has received significant campaign support from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, or DCCC, which is “raking in money from corporate political groups and registered lobbyists.”

The DCCC is currently airing negative TV ads against Rodney Davis to support Londrigan’s campaign, and the Londrigan campaign even made a coordinated TV ad buy with the DCCC, meaning the DCCC directly paid for a portion of the Londrigan campaign’s own TV ads. In short, Londrigan’s campaign is being supported by corporate cash, despite her promise not to take corporate dollars.


Betsy Londrigan is lying to you.

“I have not taken any money from Speaker Madigan”

The truth is Madigan spent nearly $300,000 to elect Londrigan.

Londrigan also takes money from corporate lobbyists, even Big Pharma, breaking her promise not to accept corporate dollars.

And those negative ads against Rodney Davis? Paid for by corporate cash.

A Madigan Machine politician, Betsy Londrigan is lying to get elected.