Davis Campaign Releases New Ad on Improving Health Care

September 19th, 2018

Taylorville, IL– Today, Rodney Davis’ campaign released a new TV ad on his work to improve health care. The ad features Rodney’s wife Shannon, a registered nurse and 19-year cancer survivor.

Click here to watch.

Davis fought to improve health care and maintain multiple layers of protections for people with pre-existing conditions in the American Health Care Act (AHCA). He voted to lower costs and increase access to group and employer-sponsored health insurance. The health care changes in the AHCA are modeled after changes made by the State of Maine, which lowered premium costs for Americans aged 60 by more than $7,000.

Recent ads by an outside group supporting Davis’ opponent make claims fact checkers have considered misleading and fail to tell the whole story. The Washington Postand FactCheck.orgexplain.

Under Obamacare, premiums have risen by 108 percent since 2013 and every county in the 13th District is down to one or two insurance providers. Whether you’re healthy, young, old, or have a pre-existing condition, people are seeing increased costs and fewer choices under the current system.


The attacks on Rodney are just ridiculous

I’m someone with a pre-existing condition, and will have that for the rest of my life

The genetic form of cancer that I have can affect our children.

They have that chance to have the same type of cancer that I do.

Rodney, his ultimate goal is just to make sure everybody has the health care that they want and the choices and the options that they choose.

Rodney’s willing to work across party lines to fight for better health care for all of us.

It’s personal for us.