Davis Campaign Releases New Ad: “Coddle”

Ad highlights Mary Miller’s disturbing record of encouraging illegal immigration and allowing a convicted pedophile to serve as her personal driver

Taylorville, IL — Today, Rodney Davis’ campaign for Congress in the 15th District released a new ad titled “Coddle,” which highlights Mary Miller’s disturbing record, including her rhetoric that has encouraged illegal immigration and her allowing a convicted pedophile to serve as her personal driver and represent her at community events.

“Mary Miller and her DC allies are lying about Rodney Davis because they are trying to hide Miller’s disturbing record. Just like Joe Biden, Miller says it’s our responsibility to care of illegal immigrants. Miller even has a convicted pedophile working on her campaign, and she refuses to answer questions about it. Mary Miller isn’t who she says she is. She’s a fake conservative and can’t be trusted.” – Aaron DeGroot, Davis campaign spokesperson

You can watch the ad by clicking here.

Just like President Joe Biden and Democrats in Washington, Mary Miller has used rhetoric that encourages illegal immigration. In a TV interview, Miller said: “If there’s an illegal alien – or illegal immigrant – that lives next door and they need something, it is our responsibility as individuals to help those people.”

Miller also voted against the defense budget, which funds border security operations at the southern border aimed at combating drug smuggling, human trafficking, and deterring illegal activity and entry. It also funds National Guard deployments, including those stationed at the border.

Mary Miller has a convicted pedophile working on her campaign. According to a KSDK news report, this child sex predator “enjoyed virtually unlimited access to Miller, served as her personal chauffeur at public events and raised money for her campaign. Miller trusted Graven with her family vehicle, which is adorned with campaign stickers and legislative license plates.” The predator even attended a parade on Miller’s behalf and collected over 50 percent of the petition signatures Miller needed to get on the ballot.

You can watch KSDK coverage on this story here and here.


“Coddle” Script:

Rodney: I’m Rodney Davis, and I approved this message. 

Narrator: Fake conservative Mary Miller has DC insiders lying about Rodney Davis to hide her disturbing record.

Like Biden, Miller coddles criminal illegals and says it’s our responsibility to care for them.

Miller knowingly hired a convicted pedophile to be her driver, prowling our neighborhoods, putting our kids at risk.

Giving aid to criminals who illegally cross our border, embracing a convicted pedophile. Fake conservative Mary Miller can’t be trusted.