Davis Campaign Releases New Ad: “Bill”

Ad highlights Mary Miller’s vote with the Socialist Squad to defund our military and Rodney Davis’ work supporting our troops and veterans

Taylorville, IL — Today, Rodney Davis’ campaign for Congress in the 15th District released a new ad titled “Bill,” which features Lt. Col. Bill Buechsenschuetz, Army, Retired, who served in the Vietnam War. Bill talks about how Mary Miller betrayed our troops by voting with the Squad to defund our military. Bill also talks about Rodney’s work to strengthen our military and support our veterans.

“As long as I am in Congress, I will never allow our military to be defunded. Unfortunately Mary Miller can’t say the same. She needs to stop hiding from her record of voting with the Socialist Squad to defund our military and come clean to voters. I will always stand with our troops and veterans. America’s safety is my top priority.” – Congressman Rodney Davis, Republican candidate for Congress in IL-15

You can watch the ad by clicking here.

Mary Miller twice voted in September and December against defense funding legislation, known as the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which provides the Department of Defense (DOD) with the legal authority to spend taxpayer dollars in support of our military. Miller teamed up with AOC and other far-left members of the Squad in opposing the NDAA.

In December, Miller bragged about being the only Republican from Illinois to vote against the NDAA and called Republicans who voted for it RINOs. Mark Maxwell previously reported on Miller’s vote against the NDAA in December.

Rodney Davis proudly voted in support of the NDAA and has worked in Congress to support our troops and veterans.

“Bill” Script:

Bill: I served in Vietnam, and I’ll never forget the way politicians betrayed me and my fellow soldiers, and that’s why I cannot support Mary Miller.

In Congress, Miller voted with the Squad to defund our military. Voting against our troops in these dangerous times is indefensible.

Rodney Davis is fighting to strengthen our military, and he has the backs of veterans.

Rodney: I’m Rodney Davis, and I approved this message.


Davis Campaign Releases Two New Ads: “Miller Defunded Military” & “Safety”