Davis Calls on Miller to Break Her Silence, Explain Her Relationship With Child Sex Predator

Rodney Davis: “Mary Miller needs to stop using the Biden basement strategy and start answering questions about her relationship with a child sex predator.”

Taylorville, IL — For two weeks, Mary Miller has refused to comment on news reports that a campaign worker of hers served jail time for soliciting sex from a young boy on the internet. Rodney Davis is calling on Miller to break her silence and explain her relationship with the child sex predator.

“Mary Miller needs to stop using the Biden basement strategy and start answering questions about her relationship with a child sex predator. For someone who claims to be an advocate for children and family values, Miller’s silence on this issue speaks volumes about her judgement and character. When you’re a candidate for Congress, you have to answer basic questions about your record. You can’t just hide from the public and hope a bad story blows over like Miller is doing. It’s far past time for Miller to start giving voters some answers.” – Rodney Davis, Republican candidate for Congress in IL-15

Mary Miller has made family values and policies related to “protecting children” a major theme of her work in Congress. But on her campaign, Miller has a campaign worker who was previously convicted for luring a child for sex.

According to news reports, this child sex predator “has enjoyed virtually unlimited access” to Mary Miller, served as her “personal chauffeur,” and “raised money for her campaign.” Despite those close ties, Miller refuses to comment on the matter and disclose how much access she gave to this person and whether he’s still working on her campaign.

You can watch KSDK coverage by clicking here.

Mary Miller refuses to say whether the predator is still working on her campaign:

5/4/2022 KSDK: “Miller’s campaign manager Patrick Farrell answered a phone call on Tuesday morning and briefly discussed the story before hanging up and promising to respond with an explanation. The campaign never responded.”

5/4/2022 Washington Examiner: “Miller’s campaign did not respond to multiple requests for comment.”

5/5/2022 WLDS: “The Miller Campaign has made no public statement on the issue as of press time.”

5/6/2022 Politico Illinois Playbook: “Congresswoman Mary Miller was expected to be on hand for the press conference (Chris Miller is her husband). Your Playbook host saw her arrive and go into a back room instead. Her husband declined to comment on a report about the congresswoman having taken on a campaign volunteer with a sex-abuse conviction”

5/9/2022 State Journal-Register: “Neither of the Millers responded to State Journal-Register calls for comment.”