Chris Miller, Whose Wife Mary Doesn’t Live in the District She’s Running in, Said Running in a District You Don’t Live in is a Political “Death Sentence”

Both Mary and Chris Miller are running for office in districts they don’t live in

Taylorville, IL — Carpetbagger Mary Miller resides in the 12th District, but is running for office in a district she doesn’t live in, the 15th District. Less than three years ago, Chris Miller, Mary Miller’s husband who is also an elected official, attacked one of Miller’s former primary opponents in her old district because they didn’t live in the district, calling it a political “death sentence” to live outside the district. Unlike Mary Miller, Rodney Davis actually lives in the 15th District.

“Politician Mary Miller is a carpetbagger because she’s running in a district she doesn’t live in, and Mary’s husband Chris agrees. He attacked another Republican not too long ago for being a ‘carpetbagger’ since they didn’t live in the district, also calling it a political ‘death sentence.’ Chris Miller says a lot of things, but he’s right on this issue. Mary Miller just wants to be in Congress. She doesn’t care about her community since she’s abandoning her neighbors and most of her constituents to run somewhere else. Rodney Davis is the only Republican candidate in the 15th District who actually lives in the 15th District.” – Aaron DeGroot, Davis campaign spokesperson

Chris Miller also called that candidate a “carpetbagger.” Ironically, Chris Miller, like his wife Mary, is also now running for a legislative district he doesn’t reside in.

From the State Journal-Register in 2019:

Gray is one of six Republicans and four Democrats who filed for the post. One of the other Republicans is Mary Miller, wife of state Rep. Chris Miller, R-Oakland. Rep. Miller was at the Statehouse on Wednesday and had a quick answer when asked why his wife would be better for the district than Gray.

“The biggest thing is, she actually lives in the district that she’s running for,” Miller said. “That’s always a bonus. She’s lived there for 40 years and knows the people there.”

One entry in Gray’s resume is being Trump’s Illinois and Missouri state director leading up to the 2016 primaries. That didn’t sway Rep. Miller, who said living outside the district would be a political “death sentence.”

“I think the old term was carpetbagger,” he said.