Central Illinois Sheriffs Endorse Rodney Davis for Congress in 2022 Election

19 current and former sheriffs who represent central Illinois counties are supporting Rodney because of his record of supporting the law enforcement profession and public safety in Congress

Taylorville, IL — 19 current and former central Illinois county sheriffs are announcing their endorsement of Rodney Davis’ campaign for Congress in the 15th District. The sheriffs’ endorsement follows the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) endorsement of Davis last week.

“I’m proud to be endorsed by so many central Illinois sheriffs. They are on the front lines of protecting our rural communities. Our sheriffs are working to stem the flow of illegal drugs and put criminals behind bars, both of which are being made more difficult due to the policies of one-party rule in Springfield and Washington. In Congress, I’m working to help our sheriffs and law enforcement officers do their jobs and keep our communities safe. Our sheriffs have our backs. We should have theirs.” – Rodney Davis, Republican candidate for Congress in IL-15

“I have worked in the law enforcement community in central Illinois for over two decades. It’s important that we have elected representatives who have the backs of law enforcement. That’s why I’m proud to join my fellow sheriffs in supporting Rodney Davis for Congress. Rodney is a hard worker and a true friend of law enforcement. We need to keep him in Congress. As a voter in the 15th District, I urge my fellow citizens to vote for Rodney Davis in the Republican Primary on June 28th.” – Menard County Sheriff Mark Oller

“We need leaders in Washington who don’t just talk, but actually work to get things done. That’s why I’m supporting Rodney Davis. He takes the time to listen and hear what law enforcement needs, and then works to support us in Congress. That’s what a true representative should do. As someone who lives and votes in the 15th District, I’m proud to support Rodney Davis for Congress and ask that you support him too.” – McDonough County Sheriff Nick Petitgout

19 Current and Former County Sheriffs Endorsing Rodney for Congress:

  • Calhoun County Sheriff Bill Heffington
  • Former Champaign County Sheriff Dan Walsh
  • Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp
  • DeWitt County Sheriff Mike Walker
  • Fayette County Sheriff David Russell
  • Logan County Sheriff Mark Landers
  • Former Macon County Sheriff Jerry Dawson
  • Former Macon County Sheriff Tom Schneider
  • McDonough County Sheriff Nick Petitgout
  • Menard County Sheriff Mark Oller
  • Montgomery County Sheriff Rick Robbins
  • Former Montgomery County Sheriff Jim Vozzi
  • Morgan County Sheriff Mike Carmody
  • Moultrie County Sheriff Chris Sims
  • Piatt Mark County Sheriff Vogelzang
  • Pike County Sheriff David Greenwood
  • Sangamon County Sheriff Jack Campbell
  • Former Sangamon County Sheriff Neil Williamson
  • Vermillion County Sheriff Pat Hartshorn

Rodney Davis is a strong supporter of the men and women of law enforcement. He doesn’t just talk about supporting our police. He works to promote their profession in Congress.

He introduced the David Dorn Back the Blue Act, which authorizes $15 billion through the Department of Justice to help state and local law enforcement agencies boost LEO personnel and raise LEO salaries to a minimum of 110 percent of local median salaries.

Davis is also a strong supporter of Qualified Immunity. It’s one of the top concerns he hears from law enforcement officers. That’s partly why he voted against the “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act” last year. Keeping Qualified Immunity protections in law is a red line for Davis in any legislation affecting public safety or the law enforcement profession.

Davis supports legislation to expand and enhance criminal penalties for individuals who target law enforcement officers and first responders, including making criminals who kill state or local LEOs eligible for the federal death penalty:

  • The Thin Blue Line Act expands the list of statutory aggravating factors in federal death penalty determinations to also include killing or targeting a law enforcement officer, firefighter, or other first responder. The bill ensures that criminals face the strongest possible repercussions in federal cases when they kill or attempt to kill local law enforcement officers.
  • The Protect and Serve Act creates enhanced federal penalties for anyone who targets law enforcement officers and purposefully harms them in the execution of a crime with a federal nexus – up to 10 years imprisonment for someone who attacks and injures an officer and a penalty of life in prison for someone who kills or kidnaps an officer.