Betsy Londrigan Supports Mike Madigan’s Tax Hike on Small Businesses and Farmers in the Middle of the Pandemic

September 2nd, 2020

Speaker Madigan is gearing up to fund Londrigan’s campaign again just as Londrigan announces her support for Madigan’s tax hike

Taylorville, IL — On Monday, Betsy Londrigan broke her silence and finally announced her support for Speaker Mike Madigan’s graduated income tax hike, which would raise taxes on many small businesses and farmers in the middle of the pandemic.

“Betsy Londrigan’s support for Mike Madigan’s tax hike is shameful, yet unsurprising. Londrigan always chooses her corrupt party boss over Illinois families. Madigan’s tax hike that Londrigan supports would raise taxes on family farmers and small businesses in the middle of the pandemic, just as they struggle to keep their doors open. Giving more power to politicians in Springfield to raise taxes in this tough economy would lead to disaster, but that hasn’t stopped Londrigan from supporting Madigan’s tax hike. Illinois can’t afford Londrigan’s liberal policies.” Aaron DeGroot, Davis campaign spokesperson

During a virtual brunch with Democratic politicians and party leaders (which Speaker Madigan was invited to, but didn’t attend), Londrigan voiced her support for the graduated income tax. According to the State Journal-Register, “Londrigan also showed support for the progressive income tax.”

If passed, the graduated income tax referendum would give new taxing powers to politicians in Springfield and would allow them to raise taxes on all groups of taxpayers, including farmers and small businesses, without limit. Voters would not have the ability to approve or disapprove the tax rates either.

The graduated income tax is opposed by statewide advocacy groups representing farmers, small businesses, and others.

In 2018, Madigan’s Democratic Party of Illinois spent over $293,000 on behalf of Londrigan’s campaign for Congress. Londrigan’s campaign will rely on significant support from Madigan again this year.

Betsy Londrigan and Mike Madigan operate a joint fundraising PAC, which is still in operation today, even after the latest corruption allegations against Madigan. So far this year, Londrigan has contributed over $34,000 to Madigan through their joint PAC.

In the 2018 election cycle, the Londrigan-Madigan joint fundraising PAC contributed over $91,000 to Madigan. In total, Londrigan has raised $125,000 in campaign cash for Madigan.