Betsy Londrigan Lies About Support Her Campaign Has Received From Mike Madigan

August 18th, 2020

Londrigan continues to raise campaign cash for Madigan, and her campaign has received over $293K from one of Madigan’s political committees

Taylorville, IL – Betsy Londrigan, Democratic candidate for Congress in IL-13, is lying about her support from and for Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan, who was recently implicated in a $1.3 million bribery scheme.

“Londrigan is lying about her support from and for Mike Madigan because she knows he’s toxic. Londrigan can’t hide from the fact that Madigan supports her campaign. Madigan spent over $293,000 to elect Londrigan in 2018 and even took time in his recent ‘I’m not resigning’ statement to say that he will continue to ‘lead the effort’ to elect Democrats like Londrigan to Congress. That must be why Londrigan refuses to call for Madigan’s immediate resignation and continues to raise campaign cash for him through their joint fundraising committee.” – Aaron DeGroot, Davis campaign spokesperson 

In an interview with Illinois Newsroom, Londrigan stated, “I have not taken any money from Speaker Madigan, not from him, not from any of his committees, not from his leadership PACs,” but public records say otherwise. Londrigan’s campaign has received over $293,000 from one committee controlled by Madigan – the Democratic Party of Illinois, which Madigan has chaired for decades.

Londrigan’s campaign has received $293,000 from a political committee controlled by Madigan

In 2018, Madigan’s Democratic Party of Illinois spent over $293,000 on behalf of Londrigan’s campaign for Congress. Londrigan’s campaign will rely on significant support from Madigan again this year.

Corporate lobbyists in Madigan’s “inner circle” are funding Londrigan’s campaign 

A group of corporate lobbyists associated with Madigan, some of whom have lobbied for ComEd at varying times, have contributed a combined $9,350 to Londrigan’s campaign this election cycle. The Chicago Tribune referred to those lobbyists as members of Madigan’s “inner circle.”

Londrigan continues to raise campaign cash for Madigan

Betsy Londrigan and Mike Madigan operate a joint fundraising PAC, which is still in operation today, even after the latest corruption allegations against Madigan. So far this year, Londrigan has contributed over $34,000 to Madigan through their joint PAC:

In the 2018 election cycle, the Londrigan-Madigan joint fundraising PAC contributed over $91,000 to Madigan. In total, Londrigan has raised $125,000 in campaign cash for Madigan.

Madigan defies calls to resign, says he’ll continue to lead the effort to “expand the Illinois Congressional delegation” and elect Democrats to Congress like Londrigan 

Last month, Madigan issued a statement defying calls to resign, saying he’s received positive feedback from members of his caucus and enjoys their support. He also noted that he will “continue to lead the effort” to elect more Democrats to Congress by “expand[ing] the Illinois congressional delegation.” Obviously, Madigan was referring to Betsy Londrigan, the only offensive Congressional race on his radar.