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@millermeeks: I’m honored to receive my Certificate of Election from @IowaSOS. I am ready to get to work on behalf of the residents of #ia02!
h J R
Our campaign was glad to do our part in educating voters about the great extent of Madigan’s power over Illinois politics. What’s sad is Democrats like @DickDurbin only now speak out against Madigan’s corruption because it cost them at the ballot box.
h J R
If you're looking for someone to blame, @CheriBustos, look in the mirror. Our internal polls were spot-on. It's a sign of poor leadership when you flail & blame others for your own party's shortcomings. Voters rejected what House Dems were selling. Own it.
h J R
I'd like to thank voters across #IL13 for giving me the honor of representing our communities for another term in Congress. It has been the privilege of a lifetime to be our voice in Washington. I won't let you down. #twill
h J R

Meet Rodney

On January 3, 2013, Rodney was sworn-in as the congressman for the 13th District of Illinois, a 14-county district covering both urban and rural areas of Central and Southwestern Illinois. As a Member of the 115th Congress, Rodney serves on the House Committees on Agriculture and Transportation & Infrastructure.

Since the age of seven, Rodney has lived in Taylorville, where he attended public school. He continued his education in central Illinois and graduated with honors from Millikin University in Decatur.

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