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When Mike Madigan issued his "I'm not resigning" statement last week, he took time to say he'll "continue to lead the effort" to elect Democrats like Betsy Londrigan to Congress. That tells us all we need to know about Londrigan.
h J R
Instead of enabling Madigan's corruption, Londrigan should join me in calling on Madigan to resign as #IL House Speaker and Chairman of the Democratic Party of Illinois. Learn more here:
h J R
I have called on Mike Madigan to resign immediately. The people of #IL have suffered from his corruption long enough. My opponent, Betsy Londrigan, has taken the opposite approach. She continues to raise campaign cash for him and work hand-in-hand with his political organization.
h J R
Last week, Mike Madigan was implicated in a years-long, $1.3 million bribery scheme, yet Betsy Londrigan continues to raise campaign cash for Madigan and work hand-in-hand with his political machine. Londrigan is enabling Madigan's corruption.
h J R

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On January 3, 2013, Rodney was sworn-in as the congressman for the 13th District of Illinois, a 14-county district covering both urban and rural areas of Central and Southwestern Illinois. As a Member of the 115th Congress, Rodney serves on the House Committees on Agriculture and Transportation & Infrastructure.

Since the age of seven, Rodney has lived in Taylorville, where he attended public school. He continued his education in central Illinois and graduated with honors from Millikin University in Decatur.

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