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Our laws need to protect hardworking farmers by getting rid of over taxation and excessive government regulations.
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Airlifting $400 million in ransom payments to Iran? Add your name to demand answers from @POTUS
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End overspending. Curb the national debt. Grow the economy. Stand with me to make Washington work again:
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Proud to be a #FriendofAg. Thank you for the endorsement, @IFBACTIVATOR!
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Meet Rodney

On January 3, 2013, Rodney was sworn-in as the congressman for the 13th District of Illinois, a 14-county district covering both urban and rural areas of Central and Southwestern Illinois. As a Member of the 114th Congress, Rodney serves on the House Committees on Agriculture and Transportation & Infrastructure.

Since the age of seven, Rodney has lived in Taylorville, where he attended public school. He continued his education in central Illinois and graduated with honors from Millikin University in Decatur.

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